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Attorney General Greg Abbott gave keynote
address at the CCBA Second Anniversary
Luncheon on December 13, 2013

CCBA Backs Funding for Water


The mission of the Collin County Business Alliance is to leverage its collective resources and partnerships to champion
positive change, a dynamic business environment and an exceptional quality of life throughout Collin County.
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In cooperation with public and private agencies, leverage the combined resources, competencies and influence of CCBA members to resolve specific issues and create innovative initiatives that are critical to the success of the county and its citizens


Collaborate with government and community interests without duplicating efforts and without providing financial or public support to political campaigns.


Educate businesses and citizens about important local issues, advocating for individual and collective action.


Promote dynamic economic development by facilitating strategic partnerships between businesses, government and local organizations.


Quality water infrastructure is the driving force of community and business vitality. With this in mind, the CCBA puts forth significant and genuine effort towards securing water supplies and funding water infrastructure for the community.

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Roadways and thoroughfares are the veins of operation in a community. This is why the CCBA, through strategically advocating for the passage of key legislation, works towards ensuring funding for transportation infrastructure.

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By hosting an education summit in the near future, the CCBA will work to facilitate dialogue among top educators from local schools and universities covering ways to improve the quality of education in Collin County.

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